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Takwin Technical project planning and management

Takwin was founded in 2016 in Turkey. Since it has successfully implemented many projects using the best software management methodologies and tools for web and mobile apps development.

Takwin has gained vast experience in building robust platforms and technology products based on cutting edge integrated solutions and software services.

Takwin provides the market with various professional services ranging from app development services for corporations and established organizations and specialized consulting services for entrepreneurship and startups. 

This wide range of services expands by continuous learning and capacity development, following technology trends, and involving in multi business domain technology products includes planning, customer development, platform development, marketing, and business performance analysis.


Takwin offers a comprehensive variety of services focusing on building successful products and platforms and bringing them to the targeted customers while considering market needs and dynamics and finally supports achieving business goals. These services include:

  1. Consultation and Planning: through studying new products and startup projects in the digital sphere and providing new proven solutions step by step until project launch and achieving business growth.
  2. Software development: Takwin delivers high-quality software services in the web and mobile app development field, relying on its highly experienced team and network of experts, besides leveraging its partnerships through the creative developer communities worldwide.
  3. Emarketing: Takwin works with experts on building marketing strategy for digital products, go to market plans, managing digital media channels and network communities both for corporate projects and startup products.

About Speed Reading Application

The speed reading application is the first application of its kind in the Arab world, which works according to a methodological and scientific plan to increase the speed of reading and comprehension of the reader with full support for the Arabic language.

Speed Reading application features

  • Accurate reading speed test (speed + absorption)
  • Systematic training course
  • Varied exercises with freedom to set and control
  • Scientific articles on effective reading methodologies
  • Reading pleasure – carefully selected texts
  • Exciting gamification and competition